Buttons on the hood/boot/shifter that hide when they aren’t needed. An infotainment knob that can selectively dead-end itself depending on the menu.

This isn’t luxury. This isn’t a good thing. This is a waste of money and weight. This is pointless extravagance. This is the reason a 2 door car weighs well over 2 metric tons. And, of course, the reason they depreciate faster than almost anything.


When you over complicate simple stuff like the infotainment knob you make the world a worse place to be. And the fact that it uses a regular VW key fob is just a-okay.

I’m okay with some kinds of luxury. Nice materials are cool and especially comfy seats are nice and power and safety and girth and fancy styling that doesn’t work on a more mass-market car - all that stuff is great. Engineering to make the car more reliable. That’s where the money should go.

But good luck finding a replacement blue seatbelt buckle 30 years down the line.

Personally I couldn’t stand owning a car with such exuberance. Every time those buttons did their thing I’d get a pang of guilt at having wasted my money on such wank. But that’s me.


I know that this is how the world works and that Bentley have no care for their 15-year-later used customers and that their new customers don’t care because they’re already throwing their money away. But that doesn’t make it good.