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Everything under one roof!

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Image: me

After several weeks of tearing down walls and removing the previous owner’s junk, I can actually crap up my new shop with my own garbage! BEHOLD!


And yes, the Jeep looks like a non-running victim of the penalty box shoved unceremoniously in the corner because it was shoved back there by the tractor... She’s dead, Jim. I haven’t had time to diagnose, but I started it up to go to work about a month ago, and upon shoving it in gear and easing out on the ol’ clutch, she randomly lost spark. Most likely a CPS, because 4.0. I kinda don’t want to spend money fixing it, because I’m lusting after an LM4 swap, but that probably won’t happen in this decade.

Not pictured: that also-non-running S10 Blazer that’s still abandoned in my work parking lot after 5 months. S’pose I should drag that outta there before it gets towed...

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