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Everything Wrong in my House [Update: 1 Less Thing]

The dishwasher stopped working today. Its been acting up lately, and I found if I cycled power to it, it would work again. Well, not today. Fortunately it has a built in diagnostic mode, which won’t run because it thinks the door is open, but at least that helps narrow down the issue - door microswitch ($23), control board ($80), or wiring harness (lesast likely but also $$$). My gut tells me its the board because power cycling was fixing the issue, but its going to take a few days to get. I can have a switch here tomorrow via Prime, so I’ll try that first and return it if it doesn’t fix my problem.

This evening we’ve been having thunderstorms and the power flickered. Now I have no internet. Similar to the dishwasher, we had this problem the last time we lost power and I found that if I unplugged the modem, waited a few minutes, and plugged it back in, it worked. Tonight, no dice. I ordered a replacement power supply but it won’t be here till Saturday, and its supposed to rain all day tomorrow. That means stuck inside all day with Mrs. Snuze, who will have no internet, no Netflix, etc. If you don’t hear from me again, you know what happened.


UPDATE: Well I'll be... I left the dead cable modem plugged in and suddenly, 3 hours after it died, it's working again. It's a Christmas miracle!

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