- Tiny scuff on driver’s side mirror plastic (lower part) from inattentive teenage driver in Florida.

- Tiny scuff on passenger side mirror plastic (dime-sized or so) where I hit the side of the garage.

- Rock chip on driver’s fender.

- Three scratches in rear bumper. Mysterious cause.

- Small scratch in upper rear bumper from loading/unloading things into trunk (will be covered by Mazda OEM bumper guard).

- Chip in rear wheel from tire rotation. I’m guessing a tech nicked the wheel when taking off the lug nuts.

There have been a couple other things but they’ve been fixed. Two door dings, broken part of driver’s seat plastic cover (where the power seat buttons are - this one was 100% my fault but the dealer fixed it for free anyway), and the upholstery on the driver’s seat bottom peeled in a pea-sized spot but that was fixed under warranty.


Basically, my poor car has bad luck even though I love and protect her so.