1. Motor leaks like a bastard, has at least one sticking lifter, burns oil and runs like a mule with a busted leg.

2. Some combination of flywheel/clutch problem causes the truck to bounce when in gear at low speeds.

3. Something in the front brakes has started howling.

4. Rot in hood, left fender, left door, right door, cab floor, left bedside panel, right bedside panel & tailgate.


5. final welding & filler work needed on right fender.

6. cab roof dented.

7. blower motor doesn’t turn off and smells of burning rubber on long right turns


8. heater core has a pinhole leak

9. temp sensor already reads as overheating

10. carb runs so rich gas leaks past the worn rings and thins out the oil, also has no accelerator pump(the was a “professionally” rebuilt carb I bought too).


11. craigslist replacement seat is fraying and coming apart

12. every single door & side window seal is shot or loose, or both.

13. mismatched paint/primer

14. entire front steering/suspension is original to 1964 and worn out.

But outside of that, she’s cherry.