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- The BIG one - AC compressor is kaput - approx $1000 parts and labor at my indie VW/Audi place - Can only drive it before 10am and after 10pm. It’s hot yo!


- The rear passenger side door keyless entry sensor stopped working. All other doors are ok - annoying, I know

- It blew again the bulb in the passenger side front headlight. That might have been my bad, as the bulbs I bought less than 2 years ago were “a good deal” from Amazon probably chinese knock-offs. The regular ones cost $80 each, and I got these for 2 for $100 - What’s cheap now costs more later. I can do this myself when I have money.


- It’s about to need new brakes - but for once, I am covered. Bought a complete set of front rotors and brakes for a great deal at a closing VW shop.

- The left side small dashboard drawer needs an extra firmer push to close correctly (oh, the humanity!)


- The cover of the rear charger near the bottom of the rear ac controllers comes off all the time

- I have to manually turn on the phone (Nokia real OG yo!), before it would do it automatically when car started, but it lost this preference when I replaced batteries the year I got it.

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