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Rare Ferrari 250 GTO silently auctioned for record amount.


Last year already, it turned out that the Ferrari 250 GTO from the period 1962-1963 is the most valuable classic car on the planet. This Italian über-Gran Turismo was then sold for 28 million euros. In the meantime, though, this model has broken its own record; one was sold for over 38 million euros (52 million dollars or 32 million pounds). The auction was not public and the new owner of one of the 36 GTO’s ever made is not yet known. It is the one with chassis number GT5111; an entirely red one from 1963. It was once bought by racer Jean Guichet who won the Tour de France in it that year and drove it to a second place in 1964.

Afterwards, the 250 GTO ended up in the collection of Paul Pappalardo for 39 years. This particular specimen is well known by Ferrari- and GTO-owners and has participated in many meetings, like last year during the 50th anniversary of this model. The previous owner was not willing to comment on the sale which took place a while ago already.

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