The topic of car titles comes up from time to time in my line of work, and I write about them as well. If you’ve ever owned a vehicle, you’ve dealt with a title. And there’s a lot to know about them.

To many people, titles are simply afterthoughts in a transaction. You agree to buy a car, shake hands, deliver money and then you get a title. Bad things can happen if you don’t look at the title before you finalize the deal.

And bad things can happen if you don’t follow up on the title transfer. Again, I know because I have spoken to a lot of people who have gotten burned because they weren’t vigilant after a sale. Will bad things happen to you if you don’t understand titles? Maybe not. But why take chances? Educate yourself and do what you can to avoid trouble in the first place.

I’ve condensed a lot of information about titles into this week’s podcast. Not all of it will apply in every state but I guarantee you that something in this podcast will help you one way or another. So here you go:

The audio:


And the video:

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