I’ m reminded of this

And it makes me this

yes I know this is a doublepost of the car, I went looking for numbers on it and I came across the post I was about to write but had written already so here we are.

Insult to injury? I find out that Subaru has a 1.444:1 low range option on the 1.6 liter engine version of this car where available. Yeah, its a tiny engine with tiny power, but with the 4.444 final, and the 3.545 1st gear on the 5MT it can still put down about 20-25% more power to the wheels at slow speeds than even the newer more powerful 2.0i and X-Mode CVT (about 15% more power than the 2.0i with the 6MT)

Subaru, why you no offer low range? Do you not see how popular your cars are becoming for off road adventures again?