EVO Updates its iPad Magazine to iOS 7

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If you're not an iOS user or an Apple hater, click the "back" button and be on your way. Okay, now that's done, let's move on. EVO Magazine is considered by many to be one the finest enthusiast magazines on the market. Its YouTube videos are generally very good, though they have some work to do on their interview segments which can be a little less than polished. EVO didn't ignore the tablet market either and put together an excellent ePeriodical a few years back. But EVO isn't ignoring the fact that there are over 200 million devices are now running Cupertino's latest operating system upgrade, iOS 7, and they acted accordingly.


EVO completely overhauled its ePeriodical to align itself with the technology of iOS 7 and its design aesthetic. At first glance it seem like the magazine is less glitzy, but after perusing the ePeriodical it becomes clear it is refreshing and clean. The stark black text on a white background is easier to read and is not offensive to the eyes. A lot of print magazines have transferred their penchant for putting typeface over photos, which works in print, but on a tablet it can be difficult to read. After all, the goal is not to be artsy, it is to deliver information and entertainment. EVO itself did this, but it appears to be a thing of the past. Let's hope it remains there. A picture can say a thousand words and shouldn't need any help.

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But if ePeriodicals only used clean white backgrounds, we could go on reading good old kaolin glossy-based print magazines. A tablet provides an excellent platform to provide the reader with all manner of interaction and better methods for conveying information. In EVO's latest issue one example was a moving dot that explained the turns on each corner of a track.

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I found the new EVO refreshing. Their first go-around was ground breaking as well, and now they've upped the game. Let's hope Harry Metcalfe and company keep on innovating, driving incredible automobiles, and keeping us entertained, informed and involved.


From EVO's description of the upgrade:

This is a major update to the evo app. We've redesigned it from the ground-up to take advantage of iOS 7. Now your articles will download faster, your reading experience will be smoother and you’ll still get the same great evo stories, photography and videos. The new app is slicker and updated more often so you're closer than ever to the thrill of driving.

As an existing user, you'll need to Login again or Restore Purchases in order to get access to already purchased content. Apologies for the inconvenience - we hope you enjoy this new app.

iPhone users: evo is now a universal app and looks great on iPhone as well as iPad!

*** FEATURES ***
- Enhanced design for iPad and iPhone
- Extended picture galleries and exclusive videos
- Share articles with friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter
- New content delivered regularly – no more waiting for the next issue

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