Earlier today, evo put up a cool video of a cool car, the 365 GT4 BB.

As the video played, I noticed that most of the facts recited were just taken from the Wikipedia page. That’s fine, but it just comes off as a little lazy I guess. It’s a car I don’t know that much about, so I looked around a little.

One thing that caught my ear though was that the Berlinetta Boxer actually does not have a boxer engine, but it is a flat-12 or to be very specific, a 180° V12 (which hurt my brain a little).

I was always under the impression that the terms “horizontally opposed”, “boxer”, and “flat” were perfectly interchangeable, but they are not always. And also, the term “180° V12" makes perfect sense.

A boxer engine is always a flat engine, but a flat engine is not always a boxer engine.


The difference is the way the pistons are connected to the crank. For those that are interested, further explanation here:

Also interesting about the BB series is that they didn’t get notably more powerful over the course of the 11-year run. They gained fuel injection and got much heavier, but lost top speed and redline.