EVs Racing: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

When you reach 14,400 feet in altitude there isn't much air to breathe. It stands to reason EVs would do very well racing up America's Mountain. This year is no exception.

It wouldn't be a race of EVs without a Tesla and DriveEO has its car ready to hit the hill.


Motorcycle EV racer Jeremiah Johnson attacked the mountain last year for the first time and did very well on a Zero EV racing bike. This year he's back with a Brutus Electric V2 Rocket EV racing bike. He's working out the kinks and actually tore the bike down last night and reworked the suspension and he's hoping to do at least as well this year as he did last year.


Below Jeremiah helps out an aspiring EV racer!


And don't forget Monster Tajima is racing EVs theses days as well.

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