Eww, Smokey

Well I have fixed most of the vacuum leaks on the 928 making it run a lot better than it had been. But now she smokes like that old lady next door who just won’t die, but complains every Sunday after you fire off your classic car to take to the local show. But any way, now I need to get her on the lift and do some fluid changes and take the Porsche back over to TFRITCH to get tuned again. Maybe I will make it to Monterey. At least that is my goal.


I really hope the Oppo badge helps her run better now that it is installed.

Holy mother of what the fuck kind of fuses are those?! Well there was only one fuse blow... So now why don’t my gauges work?


Gratuitous shot on me helping my buddy rebuild he ‘64.5 Mustang with factory K-Code engine. It’s been sitting for a while. We finally got the engine back in and the carb on. Now to plumb and wire and VROOM!

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