*exasperated sigh*

It turns out some lady beat me by 5 minutes inquiring about the Acura TL so she got first dibs. Fucking talk about a carrot getting yanked out from in front of you. Fuck. For those just catching up I missed out on a 130k mile Acura TL 6MT A-spec with new timing belt, motor mounts, all new fluids, and a flawless interior for $5500. So plan b: coworker’s in-laws are selling a 2006-ish I think Acura TSX 6MT with utter shit paint and 200k miles but great mechanical condition and the interior is good. They’ve had it since 60k miles so the entire relevant history of the car is known. How is a 200k mile K24 going to be?

Pic related: the TL I missed out on by 5 fucking minutes

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