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You’re the smartest bunch of people on the internet, so if you can’t help me I’m doomed.


What we have here is data from 40,000 Oregon residents. Column 1 is category of military service. 1 is current active duty, 2 is prior active duty, 3 is Guard/Reserve and 4 is never served. Column 3 is public assistance received in dollars in the last 12 months. What I’m trying to do is make a formula that determines what percentage of people from each of the categories (1-4) has received public assistance >0. I think I need some sort of double-if function, but nothing I’m trying seems to work. Something along the lines of IF(A:A,1)COUNTIF(C:C=”>0")... (I know the formatting’s off, but you get the gist). But I just keep getting zeros. I’m trying to make a chart that compares the percentages of prior service and guard/reserve who have had to tap public assistance to the percentage of those who have never served as a way of examining whether career training provided by the military has helped veterans remain more or less self-sufficient.

Thank you... You’re all smrt and I’m dum.

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