Last week I had a bright red focus hatch as my rental and I found it to be lovely. Sure the transmission behaves weirdly due to Fords implementation of a DCT but it was still a fun vehicle to roll around with for a week. This one had sync that worked correctly too so I even had bluetooth to my phone no problem. It’s a decidedly quick car and steering felt non-vague enough to make things feel somewhat enjoyable. It made me think that I probably would really like the ST or even better the RS. When people say “the RS is just a fast focus” I find that to be a VERY good thing. Take a good thing and make it better? How could you go wrong?

Now this week I really miss driving that vehicle since I’m stuck with a lawnmower or Nissan Versa, it’s interchangeable. The Versa is kind of in the category of “so bad that it becomes good in a masochistic way” but it also doesn’t have bluetooth, auto lights or a height adjustable seat. These are just things I come to expect about even the cheapest cars from other companies.

Slow car fast doesn’t even begin to describe the Versa. I have tested out 0-60 with foot on the floor and came out somewhere over 15 seconds. It was impressive to me how long that took.