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Excellent Sunset to end an Excellent Weekend

Google photos went a little too hard on the editing but it captures the color reflection for sure

After an excellent weekend of driving my Miata somewhere around 600 miles purely for fun, I made it down to Malibu with my girlfriend in order to see a gorgeous sunset at El Matador beach. It is a solid 35-40 minutes from home but there was no traffic and it was an excuse for another spirited drive in the lovely weather. That photo is google photos gone wrong so here is the original:


I always love the pink reflection that happens when there are some clouds. Even though this meant we didnt get much of a view of the actual sunset, this is certainly special as well. It was a fitting end to a great weekend, one of which I hope to have many throughout the summer. Certainly a lesson well learned that the more driving I can do without any sort of destination, the better!

Only drove the STi a little bit but it was nice to escape the midday heat (90F+) on Saturday thanks to ice cold AC

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