Well Oppo, I am sitting here and typing up a letter to Borsuq, for those of you that remember him. He doesn’t post ‘round these parts anymore really, but I talk to him quite regularly through other channels. He’s been a huge help with my information/love/knowldge about FIAT 126s and other obscure Polish and Eastern Bloc cars, especially what I should look for when importing my 126 when the time comes, etc!

We talk about other non-car stuff as well, and we had the brilliant idea to do a snack exchange (plus some other non-snacky, car-related, country/culture/whatever-related stuff too! :D)

There is currently a box of the FINEST Canadian pre-packaged snack cuisine...plus some random other stuff. Hoping to send it tomorrow, and with Canada Post, shipping will probably be murder, but looking forward to my package from Borsuq in several weeks in return! :D Polish snacks and random stuff ftw! :D

Not posting any pics or descriptions of my things being sent to him until his package arrives, then you’ll see another post then! :D