I obviously hate myself because I so desperately want an older Yamaha Exciter 270. Why have 1 difficult to maintain 2 stroke jet engine on a jet ski when you can have TWO difficult to maintain 2 stroke jet engines on a boat?!

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If you remember months ago I was searching for a jet ski to buy. The wife wants the whole family to be able to be on board at all times (fair enough) so I of course has a solution to that problem. Hopefully going to see this either tomorrow night or friday night. Would love to have it in the water this weekend.

The 270 is exactly that btw - 270 horsepower. Capable of about 55-60 on the water depending on load/conditions. With their size, power and hull they are capable of doing full spins like a jet ski would at speed.


Besides the obvious fun factor above, it’s also short with a shallow draft. I am going to be taking it on a chain of lakes that my wife’s family has a house on. The lakes connect but have really low bridges that run across the connections, like 3.5/4 feet, and I’ve seen plenty of boats have to throw it in reverse and back out from under a walking bridge. I want to have full access to the lakes.

Excited about an Exciter over here. Here’s hoping the wife doesn’t get cold feet and drop a hard veto-bomb on me this week. Installing the trailer hitch tonight after the kids go to bed probably.

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