Excited for my new car

Very excited for Sunday when I get to pick up my new 540i. Purchased solely as a donor for my e34, it’ll provide all the little bits I need to get back on the road, as well as an engine that will add some oomph.

It’s an auto with a bad valve body, so it’s the perfect candidate to make my 530 into a 540. Even if the engine isn’t good to swap though, the parts I need alone already will pay for themselves and I’ll be back on the road. But the potential to go from 215 hp (original stated figures here of course) to 280 with little effort is awesome! Basically everything down to the ecu can be reused (though I will chip it with 540 software) since the 4.0 is just bored out version of my motor.


Could not be more excited! Pic of my freshly waxed coupe for your time

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