There have been a few excitement posts on Oppo today, and I’m jumping on board with my own.

Radnor Hunt Concours 2017

I haven’t posted about the M3 in a long time mostly because I haven’t been able to drive it. At the end of last summer it popped a CEL. The codes were for exhaust and intake side camshaft position sensors. The sensors aren’t bad ($150 a piece) but you’ve got to strip it down to the valves and the intake side sensor is very difficult to get at. I had plans to replace both sensors, do a valve check/adjustment, and do the VANOS preventative maintenance.


Then it got cold, so I stashed it back in my parents garage, which really put a damper on the motivation and logistics to do it myself. Next I had to spend $1500 on the Ranger as I was leaking a lot of coolant out of the timing chain cover. After that I bought/imported the 1502, then spent a bunch of money on it to take care a few little issues that amounted to a large bill.

So needless to say I have neglected the M3, I even thought about selling it a few weeks ago (which I do from time to time, for a day or so then I come to my senses). The car has been poking at my anxiety since I first saw that CEL, but last Sunday we were at my parents and I decided to go out and start it up and I got all the feelings!

This week I sold my Honda Grom, and just now I made the call to a new inde shop that has been highly recommended to me. They’ll inspect the M3, do the valve check/VANOS service, and obviously address the CEL. I’m sure it will eat all if not more than the money I made selling the Grom, but now I’m just excited to be able to drive it and take my daughter for her first spin in a cool car!


Why does it feel like Friday?

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