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I got the shipping notification for my new bike last night. It’s scheduled to arrive Friday!

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My wife: “That’s cool, baby”
My daughter: “BIKE!!!”
Me: “Will you help me build the bike, in the workshop?”
Daughter: “BIKE!!!”
Me: “ye-..
Daughter: “SHOP!!!”
Me: “do you want to go down to the shop?”

Right up there with “I love you dad” for most car guys I would assume, haha.

There is something about a bicycle that instantly brings back youth. If you grew up riding bikes, you’re probably like me in that it’s how you got everywhere from the time you learned to ride until the time you or your friend got their first car.


When I bought my hard tail at the end of the 2018 season. I was excited, but the purchase was more of a “I need a decent mountain bike right now for as cheap as possible” sort of purchase.

With the Jeffsy, I feel like I did at Toy’s R Us when I was a kid holding that big ticket in my hand to pick up my first two wheeler! (whoop whoop if you’re 30 + and remember that shit)

I sent it to my dad as I’m obviously looking to share my excitement. “Man, that is a fucking NIFTY bike.” says the old man.

I thought I was going to be the cool kid on the block as I have never seen another YT in the wild. Texted my MTB group only to find out that I’m now 1 of 4...


Special thanks to Highlander-Datsuns are Forever for the recommendation to switch out the derailleur/shifter. They’ll arrive a day before the bike. The rest of the cycling world shares your sentiment on the included derailleur.

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