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My kiddo turns two in a few weeks. She LOVES the outdoors and climbing in particular (I heard other kids like that too). So we decided to get her something SUPER neat!

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I’m about 45 minutes or so from Lancaster, PA. Amish country for the uninformed. Places that sell these sorts of playsets, sheds, garages etc... are all over the place up there. So last weekend we took a drive up to have a looksie/to get the fuck out of the house.

I just called the place that has the set we like to finalize everything and the woman asked to you want to add any “fun things like...”


I was already prepped to say “no” but I heard her say “steering wheel”...

“Oh yeah, we’ll take one of those!”

“with or without a horn?”

*thinks about kiddo standing in the old bimmer honking the horn and saying “BEEP BEEP!”

“with, please”

I cannot wait to see the look on her face when we show it to her!

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