Exciting times

I got two jobs, one for the summer and one for the coming school year.

I swear, Appalachian State is only this nice 10 days out of the year. Most of the time it’s snowing, raining, or buried in fog.


For summer I’ll be working for University Housing as a Special Projects Assistant. I’ll be working in the nice office building doing things like taking pictures of Dorms, doing pre-school year housing jobs, and redesigning brochures (my Adobe experience helped me get the job). As part of my compensation I get to stay in Appalachian Heights, the nicest dorm on campus. The nice dorm also includes a parking spot right outside, so no more taking a 25 minute bus ride every-time I want to drive my car. This is pretty great. Apartments around here cost like $400 a month without utilities so that’s money that stays in my pocket. It’s also on campus so I don’t have to worry about commuting anywhere. It pays $8.25 an hour, which is pretty good considering I get free housing.

Second job I got, for the school year is Resident Assistant. I had been wait listed for this for a while now. The application process started in October and I was officially wait listed back in February. This morning I got the email that I was chosen to be an RA next year in Justice Hall:

The picture is pretty small, but I’ll be re-taking them this summer. It’s one of the less desirable dorms on campus but it’s ok because I’m being paid to live there. No AC, no elevator, no common area, and it was built in 1952. I do get my own sink, walk in closet and my own room though since I’m an RA. It’s also the unofficial athlete’s dorm. Most freshman football/track/basketball players live here. Also ROTC occupies most of the ground level. This is because of it’s close proximity to the stadium.


I think it should be a good gig. I don’t think the athletes will give me much trouble, because their status on the team and their scholarships depends on how they act. In the case of ROTC I could talk to their commanding officer and sports have coaches I could talk to if I’m having issues. Of course with any luck I’ll be able to establish the rules before they have to be enforced.


The building is also very close to the Design Building so I’ll have a short walk for most classes, and if the single RA rooms are as big as they appear on the floor plan I’ll have space for my own drawing table. Also since I’m an RA I get an on campus parking pass for the same price as an off campus pass, so I’ll be able to park in the lots right around the building.

Everything is turning up Milhouse!

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