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Excuse me while I beat a dead horse

But I just can't watch IMSA USCC broadcasts on FS1 anymore because the BOP rendered the C7.Rs completely uncompetitive.

I'm just not going to tune in for FS1's 500 commercial breaks to see the Corvette, which won four in a row at one point, continue to drag at the rear of the pack.


I know the BOP is meant to give other teams a chance and keep fans watching, but they're going to run off Corvette fans. They're going to run off one of the most successful sports car racing teams of the last two decades.

Edit to add: I'm a sucker. Almost six hours into the race and I pulled it up on my phone again. The No. 3 C7.R is almost completely out of the hunt for the team championship because of a collision with a 911 but the No. 4 has a shot at a podium finish. Not sure Corvette would still have a chance at the manufacture's championship.

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