Exemplified Entitlement: Spa Parking, Ep. 1

The Web2Carz.com office, which is located in the heart of hoity-toity Highland Park, Illinois, shares a parking lot with a spa. This allows me a glimpse into the life of some of the most annoying, entitled folks on the planet — people that have the time to go to the spa on a weekday.

You'd think these lines were invisible to people in a certain tax bracket. Considering that affluenza is a legal defense, though, I'm actually not too surprised.


There hasn't been another car parked in an adjacent space at any point today (aside from the Dodge there), so this person was not parking like this to accommodate an already-poorly-parked car.

This person parked his/her Civic, got out, presumably looked at the parking job and said, "I am okay with this."


God help us all.

[UPDATE] Here's a fancier car for all you people decrying my assumption that this Civic driver is anything but a member of the hoi polloi.


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