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Exhaust for the Jag! And a thing fixed!

Found an old truck exhaust that was rusted to bits with some dingy-ass tips on it. Measured them up and they looked like they’d be a perfect fit for the XJ-S. Wire-wheeled the CRAP out of the things and grabbed a welder.


[insert muffler here]

There we go. Welding on a car is possibly the worst thing ever. I have yet to get a single weld that doesn’t look like birdshit crap on a car. Off a car I’ve done a whole catback using a harbor freight flux welder and it looked great but even with a Miller I can’t do shit against gravity. Needs a driver mod, probably. Oh well. The exhaust sounds much nicer. Less “chuff chuff” noise from the small-diameter axleback and more burble. Given that these tips are basically open-ended resonators that makes sense.

Also tightened up some slop from the front wheel bearings, now the pulsing vibration on the highway is gone and the car feels MUCH smoother and nicer. Very pleased. Still need to get a new steering rack. Mine literally pours power steering fluid from the left boot and I need an inner tie rod as well. Ugh.

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