I love my handmade Italian exhaust SOOOO much.

I have been driving the Sunchaser, but I just had a quick ride and the sound was wonderful.

I sponsor the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala every year, and have spent a lot of money on their fundraising. One of my associates is on the Board, and I have a table for 10. It is a tremendous organization full of awesome people (including a client of mine who restores old Land Cruisers for overlanding.)

However, I hate this formal black tie bullshit. It makes me uncomfortable.

I’d rather hang out in the backyard with the dogs, but I have to go. I want to inventory my Vespa parts and figure out what I may be missing.


My wife is excited, because she likes to get dressed up. Secretly, I think about the beautiful Z, or maybe even a Supra, for what this event is costing me. I could definitely get an amazing first motorcycle.

At the same time, I feel good investing in other people. One of my business goals is to be the go-to law firm for Hispanic business, as we have a massive and electric community if immigrant owned business.


But I cannot do this without the right team; I lack both language and cultural fluency. But I believe that in business we can exploit synergy to create opportunity. I had a client, a Mexican immigrant family who owned a market and taqueria. Their son acted as a translator for our meetings while he was a student. He became an attorney, and I hired him.

You want to see racism? People look at Mexicans as laborers, but they miss the entrepreneurial fire that burns in their culture. My associate has told me that in college and law school, he was frustrated that the campus groups worried about the worker, but not the immigrant business owner.


I need him to serve this market, and if we pull it off, the inevitable result is that his career will far eclipse my own. I don’t care. I am very proud of him and will toast all he achieves.

I have a particular trajectory that I want foe my future that is about putting my kids through college and traveling in the Sunchaser with my wife. I would actually feel really good if this young man becomes the massive success that I know he can be.


I am babbling because I do not want to go.

Forgive me, Oppo.