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Exhaust is Together

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I got home this afternoon from being out of town and went down to Summit to pick up the last ball flange I would need. Naturally the parts I had bought less than a week ago were now out of stock, but they had a slightly more expensive version which is a bit more compact (has a band clamp sort of deal instead of flanges and bolts).


You can see in the picture above it’s all together, and after taking that I clamped it all (the hope would be weld it next year after I finally get around to buying myself a welder, I hate those u-bolt clamps) and tightened down all the couplings. Hopefully it doesn’t leak too much.

All that’s left (that I can think of off-hand) is putting the gear oil in the transmission (when did Brad Penn ‘Classic’ GL4 get so hard to find?), check the clutch linkage adjustment once more, and secure the speedometer cable out of the way (which isn’t long enough). Then it should be ready to come down off the blocks it has been sitting on since spring.


Naturally it’s supposed to rain all week, but they like to change the forecast so we’ll have to see when the test drive can take place. If I get bored I may redo the shift boot correctly, but I really don’t feel like pulling the carpet back up.

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