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Exhaust Question

So I just got my flowtech headers in for the truck. On summit, it said they have a 3" collector, and they do, but the connectors they gave me neck down from 3" at the collector to a 2.5" tube that the rest of the exhaust gets built off of. This was NOWHERE on the part description. So the exhaust kit I ordered (also from Summit) wa a 3" x pipe kit. Naturally, 3" exhaust kit wont connect to a 2.5" exhaust tube. So I figure I have two options:

1) Return the x-pipe kit and mufflers to Summit, and try to see if they can get me the new stuff by Saturday (I was hoping to fab the exhaust this weekend)


2) Go to a local exhaust shop and see if they have a 3" to 3" collector connector.



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