I love my Fujitsubo Exhaust. Nice and deep, with some crackling on down shifts, but not too over the top for a stock 4 cylinder. The problem is my header. It’s the stock 24 y.o. Piece and it’s got a few holes in it, which is adding an unpleasant raspyness to the exhaust tone. Should I replace it now, or wait until I go turbo?

Realistically forced induction is at least a year away, so I’d get some enjoyment out of a new header. I could probably sell it later on to recoup some of my losses. What say you Oppo.


Videos so you know what I’m talking about. First video is my buddy in the driver seat. You can really hear the raspyness as I walk closer to the engine bay. Second video is an “in use” sound clip. I know I know... Video orientation

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