I will be the first to admit it, most stock exhausts are limiting and drown the magic sound of the amazing thing we know as combustion engine. Some of us may like it quiet, some may not. I personally enjoy a good sound. But at the same time, it is so hard to get an exhaust that sounds nice without sounding like a big-ol' fart can.

I am very lucky to have a fun fast-ish car, but I absolutely hate the fact that it is so quiet. Let me show you what I mean:

This video isn't mine, but you can tell this is a cold start and it sounds... well less than fantastic. There is some noise, but it sounds too mechanical, not harmonious enough. So in my quest for exhausts I stumbled upon many many different ones, but they all sounded too rice-y. These are the ones I've found

This first one is from Fast Intentions. It is the most popular one for the 370s, and it sounds quite decent. This video makes it sound really deep, where as in others... well:

So to me this sounds in the limit of exaggerated, or ricey.

The other alternative, is the Motordyne e370, which sounds like this:

Here is a second, different recording of it at WOT:

I personally think the motordyne system sounds like a top notch exhaust, but I am not sure if it is just me.


ARK performance:

So my question to you guys is, which of the two do you think sounds better without sounding like it has a huge fart can? Keep in mind cameras do not pickup these sounds very well. Thanks for your suggestions!


Have an NSX for your time: