Pic of it with 1/2-load of bikes!

My front exhaust pipe (manifold to cat) snapped on one of the welds the other night. Two notes on that: 1) a straightpiped 900S sounds like a choppy edge-of-reason megatuned engine. 2) It was pouring rain and not very fun to wire up and drive home dripping wet.


Anyhow, I ordered the part, but tack welded half the pipe back together to last me til it shows up. The car is so much smoother and quieter now, holy cow! That weld must’ve been on its way out since I bought the car!

Also - what do y’all use for sealing small leaks in bodywork? I’ve got some truly horrible moisture issues right now. One is through the passenger footwell floor and the other is through one of the brake light assemblies. I haven’t had time to really dig into it yet, but am planning on doing it Friday. For smaller holes and cracks, is JB WaterWeld a good option? Something silicone-y?

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