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Exhaust Woes (Advice needed plz)

Well shit Oppo. I was all excited to get back to work on the Jaaaaag and thing seem to have gone awry quite quickly.

When I bought the Jag the dealer admitted to gutting the passenger side catalytic converter because it was plugged. I used this as a negotiating tactic and here we are.

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I’m finally getting around to putting a cat back on because, against all odds, I believe in emissions equipment on newer cars. However.... this is my first time dealing with the wide world of aftermarket catalytic converters and I can safely say it has not gone well.


So what I did is get on RockAuto and order the only catalytic converter they had available for my vehicle. It is a direct fit unit made by Davico for about $210, which seemed about right. Most importantly, it had the O2 sensor port in the right place. The Jag has kind of an odd setup where one O2 sensor is right on the inlet of the cat and the other is in the middle.

Oddly as research for this article I’ve noticed it isn’t shown that was in the FSM... so I have some questions.

Anyway, I get the cat in yesterday and immediately notice it is much smaller than the stock cat. I’d say..... 50% of the diameter?

Well shit. I feel like this is going to stifle the 4.2L Supercharged V8 a bit...

A little sleuthing shows that Davico uses the same cat on both the NA and Supercharged engines, which doesn’t seem right. Jaguar has different part numbers for each, though there seems to be no difference in cost.


Ok... I think I could reasonably convince RockAuto to take the cat back for free as it just... isn’t right. But what are my alternatives?

Pretty slim, as it turns out.

Magnaflow makes a direct fit for $650 but the cat also looks pretty small.

Magnaflow also makes a universal fit with the center tapped O2 sensor, but no inlet O2 sensor for $90. This looks to be a little larger than the Davico one. Maybe.


Stock cats are available for between $1,100 and $1,300, which is a hard pass.

Lastly, a German company I’ve never heard of makes a CARB compliant direct fit for, you guessed it, $650, which, right again, also looks to be smaller than stock.


Questioning the Jaguar community has turned up no help other than people in the same boat and a few that are willing to put up the money for custom cats and ECU tunes which... no.

So right now my options are:

  1. Put the Davico unit on and pretend I saw nothing ($210 + fitting)
  2. Buy the Magniflow universal fit and have my exhaust shop weld it in ($90 + fitting)
  3. Buy the Mangiflow direct fit ($650 + fitting)
  4. Buy the CARB compliant direct fit ($650 + fitting)
  5. Take it to my exhaust shop and see what they think
  6. Delete the cats ($??)

Honestly #5 seems like the next step, but I wanted to see if Oppo could school me on aftermarket emissions equipment because I feel like I’m taking crazy pills right now.



Doggo for your time.

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