Exhausting Progress

It’s not exactly pretty, but it’s on there for good.

Welded the bung (heh heh) onto the exhaust today. Went fairly well, all the prep was done yesterday so it was just a matter of tacking it on the high spots (because collector is round and base of bung is flat), smacking it with a hammer to slightly dent the pipe and make the bung flush, and running the bead around it 90 degrees at a time.

It seems like it sticks out pretty far but I triple checked the directions and for this sensor I guess this is right, just the tip (heh heh) goes into the exhaust stream. As long as my mock-up in the car was right, should be good to go for wideband with adequate floor clearance if this car ever gets put back together.


Not pictured: I threw some header paint over the bare metal, and also ran a thread chaser through the bung which somehow didn’t need it at all, despite being red hot inside after welding.

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