Existential Benefits of Track Days

I have found that there are two key benefits of running any sort of motorsport where you drive as fast as you can. Generally for a week or so after being on a track, I no longer feel the need to speed. It is like I have gotten all of the speed out of me and am content just cruising along at a moderate pace. Granted, I am still taking turns at breakneck pace and acceleration is still fun but just outright speed is unecessary right now. Then the other benefit is that I just drive WAY smoother everywhere. Taking turns, I will roll into the turn gently and manage throttle and steering inputs with care. Everything is a balance and smooth is fast. This slowly erodes over time until the next track day but in the mean time I just feel the zen of driving smoothly and quickly.


The best explanation I can come up with is from that time I read “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. Highly recommend a read of that to anyone and everyone. Although the book is actually incredibly sad and depressing, the racing aspects of it have stuck with me heavily. Being relaxed and smooth is more important than just being plain fast.

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