This is probably the best I’ve done so far. Clamped to a roll bad in the passenger footwell is a Rode Videomic hooked to a GoPro. Alligator clipped to the bodywork just above the exhaust is a cheap lavalier microphone (with a mini dead cat) hooked to my phone. The lav clipped a lot, so it will have to be moved away from the exhaust. It’s just too sensitive.


The car itself is quite loud at the moment. I chopped the catalytic converter off in search of more noise after the exhaust shop accidentally quieted the car down a lot with a cheap muffler. I need to learn to weld so I can do this whole setup myself properly.  

Verdict: Not a lot of wind noise. The wind noise is mainly what you hear when you’re in the car - wind rushing over the flying brick, tire noise, traffic nearby, etc. Lav needs to be moved.

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