Exocet Gauges Update & Question

Wow, it’s been a long time since I started working on various ways to do digital gauges on the Exocet. I’ve gotten everything more or less working on my old android phone as a test. I may actually stick with that and 3d print an enclosure for that and an analog fuel gauge. However, I’ve run into a slight conundrum: power.

Is anyone aware of an android phone or tablet that has either a separate power port or a second USB input? The issue right now is that I can either plug into the ECU or charge. But not both. I’ve ordered a cable that promises to split the power off and let you do both from the same port, but I’m somewhat untrusting of that chinesium voodoo.


Boot Animation:

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Yes, I know the picture shows me doing 42mph on a runway. It’s just a simulated input at the moment. This would be the UI if I ran a 10 inch tablet. If I use my 5.5inch phone in the center of a display, I’ll change this up quite a bit. 

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