I finally got around to editing up one of the sessions from Laguna Seca this weekend. The windshield mounted go-pro had a little stabilization issue so I’ve done my best to clean it up a bit in post, but it’s still a bit wonky. Not much I can do, but it’s definitely watchable.

One correction: In my previous post, I mentioned that the ambulance left due to an on-track injury. That was incorrect. A car did go off (many did) but the ambulance was due to a heart attack (the gent was treated, released, and back at the track BBQ hours later - yay).


I was pretty tired during day 2 - even at the start. This video is from the 2nd session (skip to lap 4 for the good lap). While I did improve in sessions 2 and 3, session 4 was a bit of a mess from being tired and I called it quits. I took a passenger with me so it wouldn’t have really been for times anyways. I am exhausted (still) and against better judgement biked with friends from SF Pier 39 to Sausalito today. Job interview tomorrow. Time to pass out.

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