Exocet Lexan Windsheild V1 Complete

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but compared to the buggy windshield, I think it’s a lot better. My hands are killing me though. I based my hand the other day working on it and had to stop. It’s still pretty painful to move my thumb to extreme angles.

This is 1/2 inch lexan. Which if I were to become a wrestler, would be my perfect pound for pound match in a fight. Any more and I’d be toast. It’s tough to bend.


My learnings:

a) 1/2 inch Lexan is a lot of sweat to bend

b) Measure thrice, cut thrice

c) I should have bought a very thin piece to use as a template for the thick one

d) I’ll be doing this again at some point in the future to make a better one

e) That thick lexan feels very stable in the garage - I haven’t driven it since the exhaust is off the car

f) For the next version, I’d like to have it tuck until the hood, not sandwich it

g) Making a post to go between the bars and act as a bend point was genius and took 5 minutes/2 bolts. Not pretty, but it worked.


My garage doesn’t photograph well - it looks better in person than in these pictures. Looking forward to giving it a try this weekend. My welder comes tomorrow so I can start “finishing” the exhaust. Nothing major, just adding a glasspack to cut down some harshness.


The purple doesn’t really come out in photos, but I managed to bruise about 10% of my hand when I hit it on the ceiling/garage door opener.

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