Exocet Miata... whussies need not apply.

Did you know about this?

FlyinMiata.net takes the unibody off of a Miata drivetrain and slaps on their best Ariel Atom impression. Chops about 700lbs off of an already featherweight Miata, giving the ensuing result the same power to weight ratio as things like a Cayman S or E90 M3 with nearly just 1/3 the weight. The sport kit (with a rollbar) costs like $8K.


Here’s the thing though. You know how there are all those engine swap kits for Miatas? Those work in this too!!!! ~1500lb LSx go kart? Why not? Honda J35A? Go for it! Or you can just keep it simple and slap on a supercharger.

As I’ve said before this sounds a million times more appealing to me than some 2 ton supercomputer with an “engine sound symposer”. Blegh. This is about as committed as a motorcycle, but with a little more protection. What more could you ask for? (Besides a federalized Ariel Atom kit for the same price)

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