I head out tomorrow for a Fri-Sun road rally through the Sierras. The gentleman with the Cobra and I will likely be the most extreme (at least in terms of exposure) on the trip. However, I made a few important mods to deal with the 30F to 90F temperature swings that will be observed on the trip.

Baseline: I finally installed a gauge hood and moved my horn button to the hood. Coated it with plastidip for less glare.

Cold: I modded an existing vest that I own to give it a USB powered heating element inside the lining.


Tech: Put a USB charger on the gauge hood. Added a kill switch for it in case my vest is under other layers of clothing and I want to turn off the power without unplugging. The little white patch on the trans cover is just velcro - it’s for my digital tire pressure monitor. Also added a 3M stick-on magnetic phone mount.

Hot: The Wranger shade fits pretty well.

Wet: Not expecting too much in the wet department, but added a couple of top panels just in case. They’re lexan and held on with U brackets (with a little rubber insert).

Sad: My cast shift knob has a design defect (neck too thin where the threads are) that makes it kind of rubbery. I’ll be going back to my other one until I figure something out.


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