My coworker came over the other night to lend a hand on wiring. We wired up the lights but found the wires from the neutral safety switch and the reverse switch were both knackered. The later making it impossible to test the reverse lights. There also seems to be a fault in the wiring somewhere in/around the combination switch (lights/directional). When you turn the lights on, the directional comes on instead. Still working on that.

Meanwhile, I got most of the rivnuts in place for the transmission cover. My rivnut tool ate it’s own M5 pieces so I’ll need to replace those. I also need to find a way of getting some M3/M4 rivnuts in place to finish it off with a shift boot. In typical exocet fashion, the trans tunnel fits like garbage, but for now, I’m going to live with it.

I also bought a generic plastic grill for the car and cut it down. When people add a grill, it really does complete the look of the car. Sure, I should probably focus on finishing the important parts - like wiring - but these little finishing details really get me excited.


Speaking of exciting finishing details, I designed a badge for the car and submitted it for 3d printing (polished steel). The inset portions will be filled with artresin (colored epoxy), then my plan is to put a layer of clear artresin over the top. ArtResin is one of the most stable epoxies out there and shouldn’t yellow much at all. Just to be sure, I’m also going to treat it with some headlight treatment after polishing. All told, it will be about $220 to complete the project with a lot of DIY elbow grease but I really wanted to do a bit of 3D printing somewhere on the car.

Image: Nick Allain

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