We are going to Disney in May. We are meeting some friends there so our kids can kind of hang out and enjoy some parks together (it's going to be a surprise!).

But last night I get a message from my buddy asking about Exotic Driving Experience down there. I had not heard about it before, or at least that I can remember. So I start looking into it. Seems pretty decent. I could drive a GTR around a track for about $250 after everything.

Then this morning, I do a little more digging. I start to read reviews on Trip Advisor. The negative ones stick out to me. I read them, and it sounds more like a student driving class than a driving "experience".

I understand they are concerned about safety, and can not just let anyone jump into a super car and go balls to the wall driving. But it sounds like they have a throttle control to cut the power, tell you to brake a lot, and keep things nice and calm and slow. I am guessing maybe the "experience" weighs more on the super car side of things, rather than the driving of said cars.


So anyway, anyone on here ever been to this? Is it worth the 3 hours or so? Or should I just take my own car for a spirited drive around the back roads of my home town and save the cash?