Exotics @ RTC (8.23.2014)

For the first time, I actually attended Exotics at Redmond Town Center. Located in Redmond, WA, USA, the happy home of small companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo of America, Redmond is also home to lots of expensive vehicles. This year, I learned that many of these vehicles meet up every Saturday (when it's not raining, I imagine, so about two weekends a year) to sit around and look at each other. Realizing that summer is drawing to a close, and that Saturday was "British Day," I hauled my butt up from Puyallup (about an hour south of Redmond) in a decidedly non-exotic 1998 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport to see what kind of turnout they would have.

I spent a lot of time drooling on pristine E-Type Jags.

There were three McLaren MP4-12C's there. The white was my favorite.

A couple Noble M400's showed up. Never seen one in person before. Very Noble.


This little guy was highly unimpressed with all the Lotuses that showed up. Exiges, Elises, Evoras, even a V8 Esprit.


A wild 1957 Aston Martin DBR2 appeared!

I'll not likely see another 650S again, this one came from Scottsdale I believe.


To finish out this set, how about a Morris Mini?


It was a great show, with many more cars that I didn't get great pictures of. There are several extra shots on my 500px Profile if you enjoyed these. Kinja had a pretty hard time just posting the ones you see here. Thanks for letting me share my adventure. Also, though I totally missed connecting with Petar the GLI guy, he posted several pictures of the same event here: