Here are some neat cars from the first show of the season. I only really bothered to take pictures of particularly interesting, dumb, or weird things, so there are no Ferraris or Lamborghinis or 911 GT3s here, but take my word for it: there were many of them to be seen. Same goes for all the Nissan GT-Rs. I wish I had documented the fact that there were 8 NSXs at widely varying levels of preservation, from “daily-driven survivor with next to no clearcoat left on the hood” to “spotless garage queen that was probably purchased for $50,000 within the last 30 days.” My favorite single sight was probably a baby seat crammed into the back of an otherwise pretty track-focused 964 911 Turbo, but there was too much glare to get a picture. Anyway, a good time was had by all. Here goes:

Yes please.
Shelby Cobra GT500
Lancia Delta HF Integrale—there were two, but this one was the less rusty of the pair.
Pristine M6
Even pristine-er early 911, in a period-appropriate color.
This Saleen S7 was very popular.
Here’s an interesting one—a Ferrari “Tributo.” What is it?
It’s a custom-built fiberglass body on a Miata! Underneath, it’s all Miata.
This is a really ugly roof box on an otherwise only moderately ugly wrapped Porsche.
G-wagen 4x4 Squared, squared
A squared square
TFW, known only to McLaren owners, when your headlight assembly is more brake cooling duct than headlight.

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