Finally threw on the last bits of trim, the snorkel for the airbox, the ripped up fender liners, and did some clearancing with the ol’ BFH. Tires still rub, though. Oh, and I ordered some Hella 500s and one of those cheap ass license plate light bar mounts:

For $22 shipped, the mount will probably be a gigantic piece of crap, but it was cheap enough to take a risk on it. It will most likely be replaced down the line with a custom fabbed solution sometime down the line, so I’m not too worried about it.

When reversing with the wheels cranked, the tires caught this little fender bracket and pulled it out, causing some annoying rub, so I bent the bottom back with some pliers and then went to work with a hammer to make sure it didn’t happen again. Also pushed it back a bit to give a little more room. Still more work to be done before the tires are free and clear though.


Before (crappy shot, I know):

And after:


Of course now that’s covered with the fender liners anyway, but it helped anyway. Longterm I will be either trimming or relocating that bracket further forward.

And then here’s my temporary solution to that terrible blinker noise. The relay in the hazard switch was going nuts (due to a bad switch in the turn stalk, weirdly enough), so I just removed it. Both the hazard switch/relay and the stalk go bad on these, so I just ordered both. Only $43 shipped for both, so I figured why not just get them and be done with it.

Taking apart the steering wheel and trim should be a fun project...


That’s it for now while I wait on parts. Just driving it around, trying to put miles on it and weed out any issues from the swap, but so far so good!