This is what turbos look like when you go offroading in sand and clay. Now you know. Anyway, got the new turbos bolted up, and man was it a pain in the ass. Audi really knows how to make life miserable with their incredibly tight packaging.

Just look at this mess:


Unfortunately I didn’t take any better pictures than that, these were mostly for reference, and updating here was an afterthought. As you can see in the last picture, one of the bolts holing on that turbo isn’t correct, that’s a triple square bolt for the axle just there temporarily due to one of the bolts from the old turbos being effectively welded to the manifold, and broke an allen bit trying to get it out. So I’m just ordering a new bolt.

I did remember to take a picture of the bumper, though, to show how shredded this thing is:


Yeah... it’s lived a hard life. There may be a custom fabbed solution in the future for the bumper, but for now it’s still intact, so she’ll have to do.

Next steps are to scavenge a few more miscellaneous parts from the old engine, then pull off the transmission, take the new engine off the stand to do the clutch/flywheel, mate up the transmission, swap the ECU and full harness from the old engine, cry for a while at all my time spent on this thing, and then it will be time to drop the engine in the car!


Edit: Oh yeah, and the axles came. They look pretty damn high quality for only being $115. Still keeping the OEM ones as spares, so we’ll see how they hold up off road.