Expedition Allroad - Evil Tentacle Monster Defeated

Look how clean the S4 motor looks with the wiring stripped! It’s beautiful!

I thought swapping the wiring harness and ECU would be more of a bitch, but it actually wasn’t too bad. We had to swap it because the wiring for the Allroad had some differences from the S4 harness, and I didn’t want to find out that I needed to swap it over later when everything was hooked up in the car. Better safe than sorry.


It’s too bad, because the harness on the S4 was in a bit better shape. Oh well.

S4 harness off:

And then Poof! Like magic, the harness appears:


Since the S4 engine doesn’t have the secondary air injection, and we found out that the auxiliary coolant pump was deleted (more hassle than it’s worth, so when they start to leak, people just rip them out and bypass them), I’ll need to cap off some connections, and then get a tune to exclude the SAI, otherwise it throws a code.

Also swapped over a few last needed things from the old engine like one of the cam position sensors, a coolant temp sensor, and what ever else. Next step is to disconnect the trans from the old engine and mate it up to the new one, and then it will be ready to drop in this weekend!


If all goes well, the Expedition Allroad will be running by Sunday. We’ll see!

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