Or are they alternators? I can’t tell. They’re so cute and tiny! Awwww, look at them sitting there, being adorable. Goochie goochie, little turbos!


Got a set of K03s from my buddy who’s helping me out with the Allroad. They came off a B5 S4 with only about 30k miles on them, and are in really great shape.

Yeah, yeah, I know, K04s would be ideal, but who the hell turns down free turbos? Also I just want to get this puppy up and running right and establish a solid baseline before doing anything crazy. I’ve had the Audi for three months now and I still haven’t driven the damn thing.

More alternators:


We mocked them up, but since we need to cannibalize so many parts from the engine that’s in the Audi currently, we held off on installing them. Meanwhile, the timing belt is done, all the cam seals are replaced, the valve cover gaskets, the timing belt tensioner, idler, water pump, thermostat with aluminum housing, and motor mounts are all done. Checked, double checked, and then quintuple checked the timing and turned the motor over by hand a few times. Everything is solid.


The next step is to finally begin tearing into the Allroad and start ripping that poor broken heart out of her.

I’m thinking the weekend after next is when I’ll start the surgery.

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